ERICA MARTIN - The Adventure Babe

The ultimate motivated millennial, Erica Martin wanted a brand presence that represented her moxie spirit, hence the Adventure Babe Life was born. In a virtual world of hashtags, instagram hearts and facebook likes, Erica upped her game and commissioned Stacey to create a brand that could inspire young, sassy women of all ages.  Breaking free of the traditional in-studio mold, Erica opted to take a two day VIP Photo experience which started on the beautiful beaches of San Diego and ended up on the neon lit Las Vegas Strip.  The Adventure Babe is alive and well and tearing up the social media stages with her encouraging memes to squeeze the juice from life.

 How We Helped Erica:

  • Photo Strategy
  • Lifestyle Photo Session
  • Brand Identity
  • Printed Collateral

  “Stacey captures my inner essence in photos so I don’t have to brag .”  Erica Martin