Kimberley Borgens - The Queen of Accountability

After building multiple successful businesses and practically writing the book on how to delegate within your business to keep your life (and your sanity) in balance, Kimberley was ready to help other women with her solo-to-CEO message. Stacey helped Kimberley create a brand that positioned herself in a place of authority but still allowed her to be approachable and connect personally with women who are overwhelmed and often afraid to admit they need help, even as they are going under.

How we helped Kimberley:

Brand Strategy & Identity

  • Marketing Photo Portfolio
  • Website Design
  • Trade show booth design
  • Printed communication
  • Ebook Design
  • Email templates
  • Social Media Banners

“Stacey and her fabulous team are awesome! This BrandStorming Retreat is fabulous and anyone who is ready to bring out a new improved you, spice up what you already have or are looking to have someone bring out the true essence of you then you will not want to miss this opportunity! Perfect right before Sassy Retreat too because it helps you really have a focus of what you want to create while you are at the retreat! She has helped me relaunch a tired business into something I am excited about again!"

Kimberley Borgens