Lets be honest, are your business photos still attracting the right clients and business opportunities? Join branding expert Stacey Canfield for a private screen share call and gain insight on how to make your next big marketing move.

In one virtual session you will discover:

  • Targeted feedback on your current online presence

  • Learn how your current photos may be turning away potential clients

  • Tips on how to stand out and be seen as the go to expert

  • How to align your photos with your brand message

If you are a different person, with a new purpose, than the "you" in that old business photo, schedule a Professional Photo Audit with Stacey today. Get her professional eyes on your personal brand, and figure out your next best move to up-level your online presence to align with your growing business goals. 

A 50 minute virtual screen share call with Stacey is just $197.