Sherris Cottier Shank - Gemstone Goddess

With over thirty years of gemstone carving and an acquisition by the Smithsonian Institute, Sherris Cottier Shank's inherent empathy and careful listening create a deep rapport with her clients. Not surprisingly, those same qualities animate her gem art. Called to gem carving by the gems themselves, she begins the carving process by sitting quietly, studying the rough gemstones and opening herself to what the gems can teach her. Her intuitive affinity with the gemstones creates sensations in her body and images in her mind that guide her designs.

 What we did for Sherris:

  • Brand Strategy & Identity
  • Marketing Photo Portfolio
  • Website Design
  • Printed communication
  • Ebook Design
  • Email templates
  • Social Media Banners

 "Right from the beginning Stacey "got" me. I felt understood and appreciated. Her brand discovery process was interesting and fun, and yielded far more information than I would ever have dreamed possible. The photography session I had with her was deeply satisfying both personally and professionally. Stacey put me so at ease that I was able to be myself in front of the camera. And the photos she captured from that session amazed me! The brand she developed for me is expansive enough for me to grow into while truly reflecting who I am now. Combining deep intuitive understanding with her rock solid skills, Stacey sees people at their very best. I loved working with her!"

Sherris Cottier Shank