How Does the World See Your Business?

Your brand is the way that the world sees, hears and experiences you and your business. Are you sending the right messages? If not, it’s time to transform your brand. It all begins with Stacey Lieven’s Dream Brand Assessment.

The Dream Brand Assessment is an interactive, virtual experience. Together, we’ll uncover your passion, the why behind the what, and your professional mission. From this place of purpose, we’ll assess who your ideal clients are and how to cultivate meaningful communication and connection that will create enthusiastic customers through the visual voice of your brand.

  This comprehensive process includes:

 Discovery of your personal design aesthetics, including colors, patterns, shapes and fonts

  • Professional expert title to clarify your passion and purpose
  • Communication strategies designed to target your best clients and seamlessly convert them into satisfied customers
  • Branded mood board that contains all of the design elements of your new brand, giving your business a fresh, relevant and effective visual voice
  • Sample of rebranded marketing collateral
  • Simple, yet powerful, strategies to cultivate brand continuity and polish your personal brand presence online, onstage and in person

 Here is how the three step Dream Brand Assessment process works:

This first step in the Dream Brand Assessment is to simply respond.

During a 90 minute call, Stacey shares her computer screen to walk you through an enlightening process of discovery. You will share your personal aesthetic preferences for font, color, shape and style.  In addition you share the heartbeat of your business and reveal your dreams for future projects and product development.

Step two begins the moment Stacey hangs up the phone.  She 's bursting with ideas from the 90 minute discovery call and begins to sketch. Her and her team spend the next 10-14 days drafting a proposed dream brand.

Many refer to the excitement of step three as "Christmas morning".  It's the day where Stacey reveals her vision for your brand. She will show you a new logo designs for your business and products.  A re imagined home page for your website, cover for your dream book and a compelling marketing idea.


Are you ready to find your dream clients and create your dream business?

If so, then it’s time to find your dream brand, with Stacey Lieven’s Dream Brand Assessment.